How fat is Bassetlaw?

WORKSOP, Bridge Street.'Obesity problem in Worksop.
WORKSOP, Bridge Street.'Obesity problem in Worksop.

Bassetlaw has again been labelled the fattest place in Britain by a national newspaper.

Reporters from The Sun visited Worksop and criticised the area for topping national obesity tables.

The article comes two months after the Daily Mail labelled Bassetlaw as the UK’s ‘fat capital,’ quoting a figure of over 2,800 ‘weight-related hospitalisations’ per 100,000 people.

The Sun’s feature estimates that 27.6 per cent of Bassetlaw’s residents are obese, 3.6 per cent above the UK average.

Responding to the original article, Bassetlaw MP John Mann said healthy living should be encouraged, but that the statistics created a misleading image of Bassetlaw.

At both 4/5 and 10/11 years old, the percentage of obese Bassetlaw children is less than one per cent above the national average.

Anne Pridgeon, senior public health manager at Notts County Council also suggested the figures used were misleading.

She said: “Obesity is a national problem and has a significant impact on health, the economy and local services.”

“Bassetlaw’s obesity admission rate (43 per 100,000) is above the national average (22) but is not the highest (89 - Sunderland) and local authorities are working together on a variety of projects to reduce the problem.

“We are working to reduce the number of children becoming overweight and improve weight management programmes for obese adults.

“The council’s public health team works with others to offer opportunities for people to keep physically active and promote a healthy diet.”

The council is currently investing £770,000 to encourage physical activity, including £235,000 in sports clubs, £400,000 for play parks, and £135,000 on two skate parks.

Dr Chris Kenny, director of public health for Notts, said: “Physical activity is key to combating obesity, so we are investing to support local clubs and improve opportunities for children and young people.