HOUR-BY-HOUR FORECAST: When will it snow in Nottinghamshire?

Snow is forecast in the next 24 hours
Snow is forecast in the next 24 hours
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Nottinghamshire has been hit with some heavy snow showers this afternoon (Wednesday), and according to the current Met Office forecast,these showers will intensify overnight and throughout Thursday...

9pm: Light snow

10pm: Cloudy

11pm: Cloudy

Midnight: Cloudy

Thursday 1am: Cloudy

2am: Light snow

3am: Cloudy

4am: Light snow

5am: Light snow

6am: Light snow

7am: Light snow

8am: Heavy Snow

9am: Light snow

10am: Heavy snow

11am: Heavy snow

Noon: Light snow

1pm: Light snow

2pm: Light snow

3pm: Light snow

4pm: Light snow

5pm: Cloudy

6pm: Cloudy

7pm: Light snow