Hodthorpe: Rescued man was suffering effects of smoke


More details have been released about a house fire in Hodthorpe this morning (Sunday 5th January 2014).

Firefighters from Worksop have now returned from the scene in King Street where they rescued a man from an upstairs bedroom.

When they arrived just after 7am, crews saw that the fire was raging in the downstairs living room and smoke was billowing from the building.

Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus went into the house and rescued a man from the front upstairs bedroom.

A spokesman from Worksop fire station said the man, aged in his 20s or 30s, was passing in and out of consciousness.

He was carried straight outside to a waiting ambulance and treated for smoke inhalation.

An investigation is ongoing into how the fire started.

It caused severe damage to the front room, and much of the rest of the house was heavily smoke damaged.