Hemswell Cliff: Boy who created Police Interceptors board game meets his idols

Jayden Prestwood with PC Jon Peacock and PC Rich Precious and the game he invented.
Jayden Prestwood with PC Jon Peacock and PC Rich Precious and the game he invented.

A seven-year-boy from Hemswell Cliff who created a Police Interceptors board game has met the officers who featured in the television programme.

Jayden Prestwood created a Police Interceptors board game and incorporated PC Jon Peacock and PC Rich Precious, who feature heavily in the show, as characters.

Jayden came up with the concept and meticulously hand drew the 50 squares that players must work their way through in order to win the game.

He also decorated the board with police pictures.

And the Police Interceptor programme makers Raw Cut TV were so impressed that they invited Jayden and the two officers, down to London for a day out last month.

PC Jon Peacock and PC Rich Precious were keen to join Jayden on his trip to London as a way of acknowledging the hard work and effort he had put into creating the game.

PC Peacock said: “We were so impressed by the time and enthusiasm that Jayden had put into the game that we wanted to bring it to the attention of the programme makers.”

“We were delighted to be able to play the game with him on his birthday, and also to join him in London on his special day.”

Victoria Hepburn, who works for Raw Cut TV arranged the day which she said left Jayden tired, but happy.

She said: “We thought the ‘Police Interceptors’ game was a lovely idea, and showed great initiative and creativity.”

“Because of the time Jayden invested in developing and making it, Raw Cut wanted to acknowledge his efforts and were pleased to invite him and his family down to London for a special day out.”

“We took them around London and finally to the Rainforest Cafe with Rich and Jon.”

“It was a lovely day”.

Jayden said: “I had a fab time in London.”

“I really enjoyed looking around the studio.”

“My favourite bit was watching some footage before it had been edited, that means I have seen it before anyone else.”

“Vicky took us to Buckingham Palace which is where the Queen lives, how cool is that?”

“I went out for dinner with Mum, Dad, Jon, Rich, Vicky and John, we went to The Rainforest Cafe.”

“It was amazing.”

“I also had my photo taken with Jon and Rich in a little park.”

“I had a great day in London and I didn’t want to go home.”

“Thank you Raw Cut TV, Jon and Rich.”