Record rise in organ donations

Guardian News
Guardian News

The number of people in Notts pledging to donate their organs after death has rocketed in a single month.

In May 3,418 people throughout the county joined the NHS Organ Donor Register.

This is the largest monthly increase since the launch of Nottingham University Hospital’s ‘be a hero’ campaign on 1 January.

Overall the NHS Organ Donor Register has increased by 8,995 people in the months since the campaign launched.

The majority of this increase in May came from Notts County with 3,182 people joining the register in May. This is an increase of 180% compared to an average month in 2012.

Charmaine Buss, specialist nurse for Organ Donation at NUH, said: “We are so pleased and grateful to all those that have made the decision to join the NHS Organ Donor Register.”

“Joining the register helps families at a time of great sadness to know that their loved one wanted to transform the lives of others; and it also gives those waiting for a transplant hope for the future. If you believe in organ donation please join the NHS Organ Donor Register and talk to your family about your wishes.”

Anyone can join on the NHS Organ Donor Register and age is not a barrier.

To find out more visit, call 0300 123 23 23 or text SAVE to 62323.