Derbyshire: New suite target in reach for Bolsover Hospital

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Guardian News

Bolsover Hospital are holding a summer fair and ‘fitness sportathon’ in a bid to raise more significant funding to build a new family hospice suite.

The suite is being aimed to support families during end of life care and will provide a home-from-home space where relatives can have a break from the bedside but remain on the ward during the final stages of a loved-one’s life.

The sportathon, which will be held on Sunday 20th July, and the summer fair, a couple of weeks later on 2nd August, have both been organised with the aim to raise a further £2,000 to reach their £6,000 target.

Bolsover Hospital staff nurse and end of life advocate, Elaine Sly, said: “The aim is to provide home-like surroundings for families who are going through the loss of someone dear to them. We have identified a convenient area off the ward to locate the family suite and with the final push on fundraising we should be able to do the adaptations in time to open the suite in the autumn. That is our aim.”

The “fitness sportathon” is being organised by Sharon Clifton on Sunday 20th July at the Sheena Wallace School of Dance in Newbold.

Sharon, a fitness instructor, organised the fitness sportathon in gratitude for the care her grandmother received at Bolsover Hospital during her final days. She said: “Nana recently passed away. She had cancer and spent her last few weeks at Bolsover. They really looked after us all as a big family, they were so supportive and kind. I

wanted to do this to say thank you. The aim of creating a family suite will be a real benefit to other families like us in the future.”

The family hospice suite, in a self-contained area adjoining the ward, will include a kitchen area where relatives can make themselves drinks and snacks and a quiet sitting room with a TV and a sofa-bed where relatives can sleep overnight or where they can spend quiet time away from the patient’s bedside, as well as washing facilities.

Bolsover Hospital recently also created Willow Suite, which offers a space for quiet contemplation for patients, relatives and staff.