Baby George from Worksop defies odds after being given 25 per cent chance of survival

George Bownes
George Bownes

The family of a Worksop baby who has defied the odds after being born with just a 25 per cent chance of survival are trying to raise funds so he can receive further treatment.

George Bownes was born on July 10, 2018, at just 23 weeks and six days - and his chances of survival were rated at between just 25 to 30 per cent.

To the delight of his parents Daniel Bownes and Hanna Rose, George has defied the odds.

Now they have set up a fundraising page, along with the charity Just4Children, to raise funds so George can undergo intense physiotherapy at London’s Bobath Centre.

Following a number of operations George was left with no movement in his arms and legs.

An MRI scan revealed 75 per cent of the part of his brain which is responsible for balance and co-ordination was damaged.

George currently receives 40 to 60 minutes of physiotherapy every two weeks.

His parents are also looking into brain cell transplantation and surgery which they believe will benefit George.

Hanna said: “During labour we were refused any monitors because George wasn’t 24 weeks gestation.

“He had no viability, meaning if he did stop breathing at any point there would be no medical intervention.

“We went through a long four days of labour not knowing the outcome of our beautiful boy and knowing that if he did not make it we would not be allowed a birth/death certificate, or to bury our own child.

“Against the odds George arrived feisty as ever and was put on a life-support machine at six minutes old. He weighed just 700 grams.”

At just six days old, George developed NEC, a disease in the bowel, and he was transferred for emergency surgery.

Hanna said: “It didn’t seem real or fair this was happening, the week before he was inside me perfect and safe.

“I told the doctor I wanted to get George’s birth registered while he was still here.

“I wanted it to be a happy memory, but she strongly advised me not to leave his side because he just had hours.

“George has proved everyone wrong.

“He has gone against everything the professionals know, and I believe he is going to carry on doing that.

“I believe with the right help George will thrive, but early intervention is key.”

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