Guest column: Supreme Court ruling was another step towards justice for sexual abuse victims

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that Nottinghamshire County Council was responsible for a child in their care when they were emotionally and sexually abused by two different foster parents.

I very much welcome this decision.

Sadly, the woman who brought this case to the Supreme Court was not alone because I have had local people come to me and tell me they were abused whilst they were in foster care.

I hope this ruling draws a line in the sand.

People who use their position of power to target and abuse the most vulnerable in society must be brought to justice.

We have to hope that this is never repeated in today’s world, and trust that there is now proper scrutiny and regulation of foster parents and those who care for our most vulnerable children.

Last Saturday, I attended a fundraising evening for the Topaz Centre which supports victims of sexual abuse.

There are a number of people in Bassetlaw who have come to me after they have been affected by sexual abuse and it is good to see the Topaz Centre supporting these victims.

They create a welcoming environment for those who have been victims of sexual abuse in and provide sessions on safety, strength and how to move forward from their terrible experiences.

Last weekend, myself and campaigners were out in Worksop to get people to fill in the consultation on the changes to Worksop Fire and Rescue Service.

We had a great response, with many concerned people talking to us about the proposed changes to Worksop first station and how this will put many people in danger.

There were representatives from the Fire Brigade’s Union campaigning with us.

I spoke to one of the representatives about how the cuts would affect Worksop.

It is on my Facebook page at

Also last Saturday, I attended the Bassetlaw Festival of Remembrance where we were reminded that we must never forget the commitment and the sacrifices of our armed services.

They do not choose conflict or war and those that die or are injured when protecting and fighting for the values of our proud nation are owed our full respect and honour.

The Royal British Legion have started to sell poppies and for the first time ever, they are accepting contactless payments for donations which can be for £2, £3 or £5.

They are also accepting old £1 coins which are no longer legal tender elsewhere.

The arrival of Universal Credit is expecting to put an increased demand on Bassetlaw Foodbank.

This week they need: Tea, coffee, sugar, cereals, jam, spreads, UHT milk, fruit juices, squashes, tinned meat, fish, beans, tomatoes, soups, pasta/ cooking sauces, pasta, noodles, rice, nappies, baby wipes, baby food, toilet rolls and toiletries.