Guest column: Public transport in our area needs major investment

John Mann MP. Picture: Mark Fear
John Mann MP. Picture: Mark Fear

The quality of public transport in Worksop needs to be drastically improved and brought up to the standards that are enjoyed by people living in the south of England.

Many residents in Bassetlaw have contacted me about the recently revised Stagecoach bus routes in Worksop.

The 42 and 43 bus routes no longer stop on Hemmingfield Road, making it very difficult for residents to get into Worksop on public transport.

I am meeting with Stagecoach shortly to discuss these bus routes and how we can ensure that all residents are able to travel to, from and around Worksop.

Issues with public transport provision appear to be widespread across the north and the Midlands.

This week, the Institute for Public Policy Research published a report showing that the region, as a whole, is still being ignored when it comes to investing in transport.

On average, residents in Bassetlaw have £2,555 per head less spent on transport than Londoners.

The under-investment in the railways in the north and this area is terrible.

Britain has the most expensive transport system in Europe, with train tickets rocketing in price year on year and yet there have been few improvements to the quality of connections in this area in my view.

The Government needs to re-think this strategy of investment into transport and balance the books.

For example, there needs to be a proper designated car parking area at Shireoaks station.

More funding in this area for transport would give the public the ability to use trains and buses, reducing congestion and pollution.

In addition, there are three road transport consultations currently ongoing which I would encourage local residents to contribute to.

Locally, the Sheffield City Region Transport Strategy has been opened to consultation.

This seeks to examine the area’s transport priorities until 2040.

It is open for 12 weeks and can be accessed at

Highways England’s Strategic Road Network Initial Report looks at the future of the road network and at ways to future-proof the road network using technology.

Investment decisions in small and medium schemes are also examined by the consultation.

You can submit a response by emailing or visiting the Department for Transport website.

Finally, the Department for Transport has opened a consultation into the creation of a major road network.

This is looking at the future of A-roads with the aim of reducing congestion, supporting economic growth in all regions and supporting road users more generally.

Responses can be submitted by visiting the website at