Guest column: Party’s plans will build a fairer society

Sir Kevin Barron MP
Sir Kevin Barron MP

This week I attended the Labour Party conference in Brighton, it was Labour’s chance to set out how we will build a better, fairer society that works for the many not the few.

I believe we need to elect a Labour government to stand up for Britain. In my view te Tories have presided over seven years of failure, which has left working people worse off and run our public services into the ground.

Our Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth MP led the call for the Government to bring forward a winter bailout fund of £500m to protect patients who are relying on overstretched NHS services.

During Theresa May’s first winter as Prime Minister, NHS patients suffered the worst waiting lists on record. Now new analysis from Labour shows that if Theresa May oversees a collapse on the same scale as last year, 10,000 people will be waiting more than four hours for A&E every day, with hundreds of operations cancelled and waiting lists growing. Labour is calling for the Government to protect patients by making an immediate announcement on this year’s winter funding focused on:

Increasing capacity in hospitals to cope with the spike in demand during the winter months and delivering effective arrangements between NHS and social care to reduce delayed transfers of care.

I was also glad to hear that one of Labour’s priorities will be to deal with Britain’s debt crisis.

The next Labour government will tackle the persistent debt spiral that many working families have become trapped in by introducing a cap on interest payments.

Seven years of what I view as Tory economic failure has seen the slowest wage growth since Napoleonic times, which has led to a looming debt crisis at every level of our country.

The average amount of credit card debt outstanding for accounts in persistent debt is £3,464 and the total amount outstanding on these accounts is therefore in the region of £14 billion.

Credit card debt is therefore becoming a growing problem and threat to the people of Rother Valley and the rest of the country.

In my opinion the last seven years of Tory control has created the perfect storm — as wages have fallen behind, more and more families are being pushed deeper into debt.

I am calling upon the Government to act now to apply the same rules that exist pay-day loans to credit card debt.

It means that no-one will ever pay more in interest than their original loan.