Guest column: Equality parade sends out such a positive message

Coun Simon Greaves
Coun Simon Greaves

This weekend I will be taking part in north Nottinghamshire’s first ever equality parade, along with hundreds of other residents and members of the LGBT+ community.

Over the last few months, the national media seems to have been dominated by stories of violence, atrocities and terrorism that seek to divide communities and turn people against each other.

So this weekend, it will be fantastic to be part of a positive event that celebrates the diversity of our district and helps to create an awareness and understanding of LGBT+ issues.

The parade, which will walk from Bridge Place at 11am to the top of town, is just one part of Worksop Pride.

This year’s event will see live music, entertainment, stalls, fairground rides and much more.

It will all take place on and around the Old Market Square.

A lot of hard work has gone into the organisation of this year’s event from people like Crystal Lucas, Centre Place, the Worksop Business Forum and other key partners.

I’d like to thank all of them for their efforts on this and I can’t wait to be part of the event.

The Grenfell Tower disaster last month was truly horrific and our thoughts go out to all the families who have lost loved ones, have lost their homes or have become displaced since the tragedy.

In the time since the fire, a number of my councillor colleagues and officers at A1 Housing and the council have been asked if any of our blocks of flats have been fitted with similar cladding to that of Grenfell Tower and many other local authority buildings across the country that failed fire safety tests.

I can confirm that none of the properties managed by A1 Housing have been fitted with the type of external cladding that was found at Grenfell .

I can also assure everyone that fire safety measures are regularly reviewed at all of our blocks of flats and independent living centres.

Letters of reassurance have this week been sent out to all tenants who live in these types of properties..

And a full statement from the council and A1 Housing can be found on their websites.

Finally, Bassetlaw Council was thrilled to open its first Changing Places facility in Retford last week in front of local campaigners, residents and councillors.

It is a fantastic facility and one that will hopefully make the lives of parents and carers of profoundly disabled children and adults a little bit easier.