Guardian Rose for ‘shining light’ Worksop auntie Jane

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A caring auntie who has been a “shining light” for family members as they have battled cancer, a brain tumour and blindness has been recognised for her selfless nature with a Guardian Rose.

Jane Bowles, 68, was presented with the accolade by her niece, Lisa Helliwell, in a surprise ceremony at her home on Priorswell Road this week.

Lisa wanted to nominate her auntie for supporting her relatives through some “very challenging times”.

She said: “My auntie Jane has had it rough, but I have never heard her complain.

“She has been a rock for her husband, David, who battled cancer.

“Her son, Steven, was also diagnosed with glaucoma and eventually lost his sight.

“More recently my dad, her brother Keith, collapsed before being diagnosed with a brain tumour, which it turned out had been there for more than 60 years.

“As my parents live in Skegness, Jane took a week off work to look after my children so I could be with them at a difficult time.

“All these family members are doing well now and determined to live their lives to the full, which is partly down to all her support, I would say.

“She always encourages us to keep going and to keep laughing.

“In fact, if she catches you feeling sorry for yourself, you’ll get a roasting!”

Lisa said the presentation was “very emotional”.

“I think I cried more than my auntie Jane,” she added.

“I couldn’t get my words out.

“I just wanted to let my auntie Jane know how much she is loved and appreciated- by all of us.”

Our Guardian Roses are generously donated by popular Worksop florist Walkers House of Flowers, located in the Priory Shopping Centre.