Guardian launches Support Our Pubs campaign

Pint of beer  (w110823-10a)
Pint of beer (w110823-10a)

It’s time to place your order as we proudly launch our new campaign to boost Worksop’s rich pub tradition and give the struggling industry a helping hand.

Last month we highlighted the town’s thriving pubs were facing a fight for survival as they battle to compete with cheap supermarket booze, rising brewery costs and crippling business rates.

Local landords also blamed unemployment and social changes as challenging factors and said they were often struggling to keep their heads above water.

Now your Guardian has launched its new Support Our Pubs campaign in a bit to rejuvenate the area’s wealth of public houses and each month we will be putting the spotlight on the town’s best watering holes.

Editor Chris Burton said he was proud to help give community pubs a helping hand and urged the public to show their support.

“You can’t get much closer to the heart of the community than our local pubs - many of which have been here for decades, some even centuries,” he said.

“There’s much more to running a pub than simply pouring a pint. Landlords, barmen, barmaids, waiters and waitresses go far beyond the call of duty to offer punters an excellent experience.” he added: “A good pub offers good service, a welcoming atmosphere and all of the hallmarks that make it something special and unlike anywhere else.”

“In short, a good pub makes you feel at home.”

Chris added: “This campaign is not about urging our readers to go and drink more - it’s simply about celebrating the great service that our pubs provide and the inspiring way that they provide a hub for the community and a strong social focal point.”

“These pubs are a great part of the fabric of history and tradition in our town. It would be nothing short of a tragedy if we were to lose any more of them. Support your local pub.”

North Notts branch contact for CAMRA (Campaign For Real Ale) Stephen Watkins said he was fully behind the campaign.

“Pubs are a real British way of life and always used to be a big part of the community and a place for people to meet to have a gossip,” he said.

“But it’s becoming attractive for people to stay at home, with cheap supermarket prices and an increase in beer duty, as well as the advent of social media which means people are more able to converse with each other on line.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom for our local pubs and Stephen said the real ale scene is certainly alive and kicking in Worksop and beyond. Several years ago we didn’t have any local breweries in our area and now we have six which have started up and all seem to be doing very well,” he said. Part of it is due to people wanting to support local produce and they also see it as a more premium and natural product away from the more mass-produced lagers.”

Local landlords and customers are also backing our campaign and say it’s time more people supported their local pubs and socialise more.

Jane and Nigel Wardle, who drink at the Grafton, said: “Supermarket prices are really shocking and are killing off our pubs. We refuse to shop at the big supermarkets and go locally instead. We’ve worked in the pub industry ourselves and know how difficult it is for landlords these days.”

Anchor Inn landlady Angie Rawlins said pubs were more about just having a drink.

“Customers know which are the good pubs and you get to know each other over time - you become like one big family,” she said.

“A lot of our customers come in and you can see some taking their shoes off - they really feel at home and that’s what we’re all about.”

- How do YOU feel about your local pub?

Are you from a pub that has a special event coming up that you’d like people to know about?

Have you lost your favourite place to meet friends and have a drink?

Maybe you know of a truly special pub that you think deserves more recognition?

Get in touch with us and let know by emailing or call 01909 543017.