Gourmet review: The Parish Oven, Thorpe Salvin

The Parish Oven, Thorpe Salvin  (w110511-14)
The Parish Oven, Thorpe Salvin (w110511-14)

Everyone loves a pub in the countryside - especially when the sun is shining, the drinks are flowing and there’s the rare opportunity for you to actually sit outside.

Though I didn’t sit outside- I have a thing about eating in close proximity to any sort of wildlife- I had a lovely summer’s day experience at The Parish Oven.

Based in Thorpe Salvin, even the journey is pleasant. It was a great chance to cruise down country roads and take in the beautiful scenery- a great juxtaposition to the traffic jams, roadworks and majorly stressful journeys that I have become accustomed to.

The pub offers a range of dishes including a specials board and pre-set lunchtime menu - all at reasonable prices for a tight-fisted Yorkshire girl such as myself. I went for the lunchtime menu as I tend to stay away from heavy dishes and big portions when the sun’s out- I’m not sure why I do this, I think I’m praying for a Mediterranean climate to suddenly rush over the British isles.

I had the leek and cheddar cheese tart with homemade chips and salad; I was very impressed with my meal. I’m shocked that I say this because I am normally a carnivorous eater- I love a good portion of meat with every single meal - but I was left very full and content.

The chips were the size of my fingers and portions were beyond the realms of generosity for the price. Set menus normally have smaller portions in my experience but The Parish Oven definitely breaks that stereotype.

I’m a big fan of attention to detail and little aspects such as the coleslaw being homemade and the fact they served dips such as sweet chilli- a rarity in pubs I must say- were really nice touches.

My meal came in at an amazingly cheap £5.25 but I had to refuse the opportunity of a desert for a mere 75p extra.

I ate with people who had much stealthier appetites than me so they tackled the dessert menu. All of the offerings looked sublime, especially the chocolate fudge cake with cream. My sweet tooth was literally throbbing but I knew that I simply could not handle anymore food.

On the drinks side of things there was a good variety of ales, wines and soft beverages, everyone is catered for.

The ambiance of the place was beautiful, one side decked out in a traditional pub manner and the other a little more modern and more suited to those wanting to sit and eat.

If I’m being really sceptical the main dining area was a little cramped, there was a lot of swerving between tables and chairs to get anywhere. It didn’t really bother me but I can image it being a little cramped and inaccessible if filled to capacity.

I was impressed with the range of faces I saw for a Thursday lunchtime, a great mix of working professionals, young families and pensioners. Groups of friends were sat outside on the patio with dogs and one thing was clearly evident, everyone was content.

The service was speedy and best of all with a smile, they even offer an order service via the phone.

The Parish Oven hosts a variety of local events such as the Classic Car and Bike show along with themed dining opportunities such as steak and curry night and a Sunday carvery.

I would have happily stayed much longer for a few drinks in the idyllic village setting if I could have.

I have a feeling that I may become a regular customer, but with offers such as two mains for £12 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, why not? It fitted all my main credentials- great location, great food and really great prices.