Glen Kitchens’ death verdict: Police reveal face of killer

Jadon Jackson
Jadon Jackson

This is the face of teenage killer Jadon Jackson who was convicted of manslaughter yesterday (Thursday 31st October 2013).

Jackson, 16, denied unlawfully killing 40-year-old former postman Glen Kitchens throughout a nine day trial.

But he was found guilty by a jury at Nottingham Crown Court.

He landed a single punch on Mr Kitchens which knocked him unconscious. As he fell backwards his head hit a stone pillar. The impact killed him.

The youth can now be named after his right to anonymity was overturned by the judge presiding over the trial, following a legal challenge by the Worksop Guardian.

And he has been told by the judge to expect a custodial sentence.

Mr Kitchens, who lived alone in Lancastrian Way, was described by his friends as kind, gentle and a private man who went quietly about his business.

Saturday 6th April was the day of the Grand National and Mr Kitchens and his friends were out in Worksop.

They went to The CornerHouse in Bridge Place then Yates in Victoria Square and finally Liquorice Gardens in Newcastle Street.

Mr Kitchens left for home and it was on his way that he encountered a group of youths in Bridge Street.

The last time his friends heard from him, Mr Kitchens had called to say he was having some trouble with a group of lads.

And the last time they saw him alive was as they went to help him.

But as they approached, they saw someone run towards Mr Kitchens and punch him. This single punch ultimately killed him.

He was taken to Bassetlaw Hospital where he was pronounced dead. A Home Office post-mortem examination concluded that the cause of death was a head injury.

Five other teenagers were arrested in connection with Mr Kitchens’ death but were released without any further action.

Det Insp Rob McKinnell, who led the police investigation, said: “In one moment Glen Kitchens was alive and well and in the next, after one punch was thrown, he was dead.”

“And for this teenager, that one punch, thrown without a thought, means he will now lose his liberty and be separated from his family and friends.”

“People should consider their actions before they get into any kind of altercation. The consequences can be devastating and it only takes one punch – as we have seen with the death of Mr Kitchens.”

“I hope this conviction serves as a sharp reminder of how important it is to think before you act.”

Jackson will be sentenced later this month. In the meantime reports will be compiled on him to help determine his sentence.