Gainsborough: Warning to Land Rover Defender owners after spate of thefts


Police are asking Land Rover Defender owners to be vigilant and review their security after a recent spate of thefts in the West Lindsey area.

Overnight on Thursday 8th January and in the morning of Friday 9th January, three Land Rover Defenders were reported stolen to police.

One had been taken from a property in Main Street, Bransby; another from Harmston Road in Aubourn; and one from Gainsborough Road in Hemswell.

Officers are appealing to owners to be vigilant around keeping these types of vehicles as safe and secure as possible and are also asking members of the public to report any suspicious activity regarding Land Rover Defenders.

Sgt Clive Farmer said: “We are issuing this advice and appeal because this could be a one-off spate but could also be an emerging increase in thefts of this particular type of vehicle.”

“We have put in place a number of actions for officers to carry out in relation to these offences but are also making the public aware that they could be a potential target for thieves, which may assist in preventing them being stolen.”

“There are a number of reasons why Land Rover Defenders are being targeted, which could include because their value and desirability is set to increase due to the manufacture of the current model stopping this year.”

“They have now reached ‘cult status’ as far as Land Rovers go, the types stolen are not packed with electronic components like more ‘modern’ vehicles so don’t need specialist knowledge to maintain.”

“I would like to appeal to all owners and to anyone who might know someone who owns one to be aware and vigilant. Make sure your vehicle is locked and, if possible, keep it in a secure location overnight. If you see or hear any suspicious activity around any of these types of vehicles please report it to police as soon as possible on the non-emergency number 101.”