Gainsborough: Stars selfie give profile boost to theatre group

Bill Rodgers
Bill Rodgers

As the selfie craze sweeps the nation an actor decided they would be a great way to raise awareness of a Gainsborough drama group.

Bill Rodgers is a volunteer for Act Now, a drama group based at the Trinity Arts Centre which is made up of members with learning difficulties and differing abilities.

Bill wants to raise the profile and funds for Act Now and he came up with the idea of the Selfie Circle.

Bill said: “The idea of the Selfie Circle began with me asking a few friends in showbiz to accept a free t-shirt, made by me, and take a selfie and then pass the shirt on to another showbiz friend and so on and so on.”

“The response to the mad cap idea has been fantastic.”

“Everyone who has received the shirts has taken a selfie and I have spread the word over all the social media networks.”

“My aim is to highlight the issues facing companies like Act Now in helping to generate support and make people aware that they are there.”

You can find out more about the Selfie Circle on Facebook at or on Twitter at

Act Now meet every Monday at the Trinity Arts Centre from 6pm to 8pm.