Gainsborough: Standard reporter takes on fitness challenge

Gainsborough Standard reporter Sam Chetwynd takes part in a boot camp session at The Health Hub with instructor Thomas Barber (w131016-1d)
Gainsborough Standard reporter Sam Chetwynd takes part in a boot camp session at The Health Hub with instructor Thomas Barber (w131016-1d)

With only six months until my wedding I need all the help I can get to whip me into shape.

When I heard about a new bootcamp class being set up in Gainsborough, I thought I would try a sample session.

Tom Barber is a performance and Movement coach at The Health Hub and next month will be launching group outdoor fitness sessions as part of the New You Project.

Not only are the sessions a great workout focussing on using your own bodyweight, they are also a great stress buster.

First up was a quick warm-up, but not with the usual stretches I was used to. They were full body stretches which worked up my whole body while building up my heart rate.

After that we were straight into the 40 minute workout.

Tom had me lifting 8kg kettle bell for 10 repetitions before doing five sprawls, which resembled a crab crawling across the floor. After three rounds I was definitely warm.

It was then on to TRX squat and row. Tom hooked a rope to a metal frame fixed across the ceiling and I did squat and rowing positions while holding onto it. These can be done anywhere outside by attaching the rope to a tree or climbing frame.

I was taken back to my childhood with the next exercise, when I had to hang from the frame for as long as possible while lifting my knees. It was then down on the mat for eight quadruped hip rotations, which worked on my core and legs.

After three rounds of this my arms were really starting to hurt, but after just two minutes’ rest it was on to the final exercise - lifting a medicine ball from the ground to over my head. It sounds easy, but lifting it in the correct manner really worked my muscles.

After the cool down I felt really good and full of energy. I go to the gym but I really benefited from Tom showing the correct way of lifting and doing certain exercises.

I ached the next day, but at least I know it worked. The exercises will be great fun in a group, with everyone motivating each other.

Tom said: “Bootcamp exercise is mainly body weight orientated, although I do have a few tools that I can employ should I need to. The importance however, is to take the participant out of their comfort zone to create excess post exercise oxygen consumption, which is basically a fancy way of saying you’re going to burn more calories when you’re not exercising, due to an increased demand for oxygen.”

The free sessions will be at Marshall’s Sports Ground, every Thursday in November at 6.30pm. To take part send your name and contact details to