Gainsborough: MP welcomes a further drop in the unemployment figures for the town

Edward Leigh MP
Edward Leigh MP

Sir Edward Leigh, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Gainsborough, heralded newly released figures which showed yet another drop in the number of unemployed people in his constituency.

He said: “The statistics for February 2015 show 1,381 people claiming the Jobseeker’s Allowance here in Gainsborough.”

“This is 502 lower than a year earlier, and 76 lower than last month.”

“Since the Conservatives took over the Treasury we’ve seen a 26.93 per cent drop in unemployment here in the Gainsborough constituency.”

“With 30.9m people in work nationwide, Britain now has the highest employment rate in the history of the country. The overwhelming majority of these jobs are full-time, and wages are rising faster than prices, too.”

“We are creating a jobs-led recovery so that the economy benefits all people across Britain. Given the extraordinary levels of debt Labour accumulated, I very much hope voters across the country will send a strong message and vote in a Conservative majority come May.”