Gainsborough: Morrisons has invested £50,000 in its baby changing facilities

NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard
NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard

Morrisons in Gainsborough has invested £50,000 in its baby change areas to create a more comfortable and convenient environment for the town’s parents with babies.

The Heapham Road South store’s customer toilets have also been completely refurbished.

The baby change facilities have been totally redesigned to an open plan format, to allow for larger prams and buggies.

It has been refurbished to incorporate baby feeding chairs for both mums and dads.

‘Quiet’ technologies have also been incorporated to help when babies are asleep.

Elsewhere the customer toilets have been refurbished, with new toilets, toilet cubicles and sinks.

In addition, new clean and modern vanity units, mirrors and tiled panels have been fitted.

Brighter LED lights and new vents have also been fitted which will have a beneficial environmental effect, with reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Store General Manager Neil Swift said: “We have made a significant investment in our store’s facilities.”

“We hope that mums, dads and regular customers will agree that the improvements have been transformational.”

“We expect it will result in an easier and more pleasant shop for everyone who visits our store.”

The activity forms part of a significant investment programme to make shopping trips easier for Morrisons customers.

Improvements include the redesign of stores, the extension of opening hours, the updating of car park controls and the removal of trolley lock facilities.

Also each cashier and self-service payment point within the supermarket is being upgraded to feature a new contactless payment reader.

Customer payments of up to £20 can simply be made by tapping a bank card against the reader pad.

It is estimated that the new payment method will save each customer 10 seconds every time they pay for their shopping.