Gainsborough: Lincoln College are named as the preferred sponsor to take over Trent Valley Academy

Trent Valley Academy, Gainsborough G130625-3a
Trent Valley Academy, Gainsborough G130625-3a

Lincoln College has been named the preferred sponsor for Trent Valley Academy in Gainsborough.

It was announced last month that Trent Valley Academy was one of 10 schools which the E-Act Academy chain lost control of.

The decision was made after Ofsted inspectors raised serious concerns about the performance of some schools run by the E-Act academy chain.

Senior leaders at Trent Valley Academy are involved in discussions at the highest level, including the Department for Education, in order to ensure the most suitable sponsor for the Academy moving forward.

Academy leaders are currently in preliminary and on-going discussions with Lincoln College, the DfE’s preferred sponsor for the Academy.

Lincoln College is an ‘outstanding’ local educational provider, as recognised by Ofsted, and would be an ideal partner.

Working in partnership with the college would provide students with a range of additional opportunities to further their learning and prepare them for their futures.

Principal and CEO of Lincoln College, John Allen, said sponsoring Trent Valley Academy would be a privilege.

He said: “Having been rated outstanding by Ofsted, we feel we are the ideal partner to provide students with a range of additional opportunities to further their learning and prepare them for their futures.”

“We are passionate about Gainsborough and the people who live there, and we would take the opportunity to work more closely with TVA to help them continue to grow and be successful.”

“Fundamentally, we believe that education for Lincolnshire residents should be managed by an experienced local education provider, who understands the local issues.”

Executive Head of Trent Valley Academy, Mike Westerdale, said: “Discussions are in the early stages but we believe this is a positive step forward for Trent Valley Academy and our local young people who will benefit from additional expertise and opportunities through this ‘outstanding’ educational provider.”

Academies get money direct from the government, not the local council. They’re run by an academy trust which employs the staff.

Sponsors are responsible for improving the performance of their schools. They also provide and oversee strategic direction, enabling and supporting improvements in the education provided.

They don’t have to follow the national curriculum and can set their own term times. They still have to follow the same rules on admissions, special educational needs and exclusions as other state schools.

Academy providers are not-for-profit trusts and more than 50 per cent of secondary schools in England are now academies.