Gainsborough: Estelle gives luncheon club an insight into the sparkling world of diamonds

At their March meeting, members of Gainsborough & District Ladies Luncheon Club welcomed speaker Estelle Weiner, who had travelled from Cheshire.

Estelle presented the talk ‘From Rough to Royal Riches’, telling how newly-mined rough diamonds are turned into the beautiful, sparkling gems that we all love and treasure.

Brought up in London, Estelle grew up in a family who were all involved in the diamond industry.

Her father was a sawyer and her mother a cutter.

She brought along many of the old tools of the trade which now are largely obsolete (a great pity in some people’s eyes) due to the advance in laser technology.

Estelle’s talk was enhanced by a power-point presentation showing the transition from the old to the new and also including an analysis of the various extremely valuable gems that make up The Crown Jewels.

Estelle is pictured above with club chairman Marion Dickinson (left) and committee member Rita Thompson.