Gainsborough: Escaped snakes were given as reason for littering

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A Gainsborough man blamed two escaped snakes on the reason for littering.

West Lindsey District Council has successfully prosecuted Sam Ryan Stalford, 20, of Cromwell Street, Gainsborough, for littering.

At Lincoln Magistrates Court Stalford was fined £290 after he pleaded guilty to unlawfully leaving 12 bags of rubbish in the ten-foot on Friday 15th November 2013.

He claimed two snakes had escaped from a cage whilst being transported in a van and he had to throw out the bags, which were also inside the vehicle, to retrieve the reptiles.

Stalford didn’t return to the area until later and in the meantime the discarded bags were found and collected by West Lindsey District Council Waste Services.

The ten-foots in Gainsborough are a regular dumping ground for litter and fly-tipping of rubbish which places extra burden on the council to clear up the mess.

Coun Jessie Milne, chairman of the council’s licencing and regulatory committee, said: “Mr Stalford was given the opportunity to avoid court proceedings by paying a £75 fixed penalty ticket for the offence, but unfortunately despite repeated reminders he failed to pay it.”

“But it is important for people to know that we will follow these events up. So if the fine isn’t paid, we will go to court.”