Gainsborough duo to carry the torch

THE HONOUR of a lifetime awaits two Gainsborough teenagers who are gearing up to lift the Olympic torch.

Megan Ainsworth, 19, and Amir Ameen, 18, were picked from thousands of hopefuls to complete the torch relay at the end of June.

Despite the torch route missing Gainsborough, the pair will fly the flag for the town, and all eyes will be on them on 26th and 27th June.

Megan, a former Trent Valley Academy pupil, is a world champion powerlifter with a growing stack of gold medals.

She has overcome disability to achieve her dream of being a powerlifter and will embark on her stretch of the torch relay in Cleethorpes on Tuesday 26th June.

“Megan has been an inspiration to everyone she comes into contact with,” said Megan’s former PE teacher Lesley Rollings.

“She is determined to succeed against the odds at a personal level. She has cerebral palsy but it has never stopped her.”

Megan said she was trying not to think too much about the torch relay, because she is training for a competition before then.

“It’s all systems go at the moment so I haven’t really got time to worry about it,” she said.

“Deep down I’m very excited though and there will be loads of people there supporting me and waving flags. I can’t wait.”

Megan has built a relationship with the Rotary Club of Gainsborough who bought the £199 torch for her. And she promises to bring it to Gainsborough once she has finished with it.

Excitement is also reaching a peak for Queen Elizabeth’s High School student Amir Ameen who will carry the flame on 27th June in Grimsby.

“I was watching the torch arrive in Britain on TV and it began to sink in that I would be doing it,” said the sixth former from Bawtry.

“I’m overwhelmed by the support I’ve had up to now and how happy everyone is for me. It’s a great feeling and an honour.”

But before he embarks on his Olympic journey, the deputy head boy must first sit his A-level exams in maths, biology and chemistry.

“I don’t know what is more daunting,” he said.

Amir was put forward as a torch bearer by school sports co-ordinator Philip Mason for ‘inspiration and excellence within school and out’.

Amir is an ambassador, mentoring young gifted and talented pupils.

He captained the school football and badminton teams and volunteers as a coach at Doncaster Rovers Disability Football Club.

Mr Mason said he showed ‘Olympic values’ and made a ‘positive contribution to the community’.

l Go online to see Amir talk to the Standard about his Olympic torch relay