Gainsborough: Councillor says police and council have ‘lost control’ of anti social issues in South West Ward

Rubbish outside the front of a property
Rubbish outside the front of a property

Anti social behaviour issues in the South West Ward of Gainsborough are ‘out of control’ according to a West Lindsey District councillor.

Coun Trevor Young is the ward councillor for the South West of Gainsborough and he, along with the residents, feel there is a lack of control of social issues, such as anti social behaviour, from the police and the council.

Coun Young said: “Residents, and I agree, there is a lack of control across both the police and the local authority.”

“Drugs and alcohol are a real growing concern. There is no respect for the local environment and the community.”

“We are really at breaking point.”

“Residents want to see some input into this area and all the social issues.”

West Lindsey Community Policing Insp, Simon Outen, said: “It is perceived that the South West Ward of Gainsborough experiences higher levels of crime and anti-social behaviour than elsewhere in the West Lindsey area.”

“Lincs Police recognises that the constituent parts of the South West Ward is a complex mix of residential and commercial properties which make statistical comparison very difficult.”

“However, local officers work hard to engage with local residents and are committed to working with our partners to address and correct the perceptions of the area.”

“Lincs Police works closely with our partners in a number of organisations to identify and deliver services to local residents and businesses to improve the environment across the South West Ward.”

“Part of the challenge is addressing the perceptions that build up, and reaffirming that overall West Lindsey, including the South West Ward, is a safe place to live in terms of the national picture.”

“Local residents should be under no illusions that we, together with our partners, remain determined to address offending behaviour and hold individuals to account for their actions using all the appropriate options open to us.”

Julie Heath, Senior Communications Officer said: “West Lindsey District Council is aware of some of the problems in this area.”

“However, what we would urge is that if people are experiencing specific problems to report them to officers by calling us via 01427 676676 or by reporting via the West Lindsey website.”

“By working alongside Lincs Police and other agencies we have a variety of tools we can use to tackle anti social behaviour and have procedures in place to deal with issues such as littering and fly-tipping. If vehicle fires are occurring, our advice would be to call the emergency services immediately.”