Gainsborough: A diamond, worth £12,000, which landed in Gainsborough has still not been claimed

This diamond is somewhere in Lea
This diamond is somewhere in Lea

Jewellers, 77 Diamonds, completed a world’s first by sending a diamond worth £12,000 into space and it landed within a five mile radius near the village of Lea, Gainsborough, and it is still unclaimed.

The diamond, mounted on a steel rod frame attached to a helium balloon, rose above the earth until the atmospheric pressure at the edge of space caused the balloon to pop.

It was in the air for over 150 minutes, and travelled around 60 miles.

Once it reached the optimum height, the atmospheric pressure caused the balloon to burst and the diamond slowly descended back down to earth, ready to be found by one lucky winner.

Using top of the range technology, 77 Diamonds has been tracking where the balloon was destined to land via GPS.

It’s been revealed that the diamond has landed within a five mile radius Lea, Gainsborough, and people are now being asked to join in the hunt to be in with the chance of winning the exclusive diamond prize.

If you are the lucky person who finds it please contact The Standard on 01427 619574 or email