Gainsborough: A call for a second bridge over the River Trent to Gainsborough after lights failure caused traffic chaos during rush hour

Traffic on the Gainsborough Bridge
Traffic on the Gainsborough Bridge

A further need for a second bridge into Gainsborough has been highlighted by the Mayor and councillors after a traffic lights failure caused rush hour chaos.

The traffic lights at the junction with Bridge Street and Lea Road failed overnight on Monday, January 4, meaning it took people hours to drive into Gainsborough on the bridge over the River Trent during rush hour on Tuesday, January 5.

Mayor of Gainsborough, Coun Matthew Boles, said: “The chaos caused by the light failure once again highlights the need for a second bridge over the Trent.

“Although these type of incidents are few and far between when they happen it causes chaos.

“However the daily commute for many to get in or out of town is now a nightmare and this is only going to get worse with all the proposed new housing developments coming to the town and the additional cars this will put on the roads.

“The time has now come for this to be driven forward and taken seriously the town council are committed to leading this and continue our work for a second bridge with colleagues from West Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council and authorities on the other side of the river.”

Steve Wiles, Area Highway Manager, said “On the evening of Monday, January 4, we discovered there was a fault with the electricity power supply to the traffic lights which caused them to fail, and the resulting traffic problems in Gainsborough.

“We arranged for the power company to repair this overnight and put temporary traffic lights in place until the issue was resolved mid-morning on Tuesday.

“As a result the morning peak-time traffic was delayed and due to the volume of traffic and significance of this key junction, it did result in journeys to school and work being delayed by up to one hour.

“Unfortunately with there being no other alternative route for traffic there was very little else that could be done.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Coun Barry Coward said: “The failure of the traffic lights at the foot of the Trent Bridge during the morning rush on Tuesday, January 5, only highlights the problem posed by having just one river crossing in Gainsborough.

“With many new housing developments coming through the planning process more vehicle movements will only exacerbate the congestion at the junction with Bridge Street and Lea Road.

“This calls for a second bridge from the Carr Lane roundabout.

“It allows east bound traffic to use the existing 1791 bridge.”