Former Nottinghamshire police officer dismissed after relationship with domestic abuse victim


A former police officer has been dismissed from Nottinghamshire Police for gross misconduct

Mark Shuckburgh, attended a misconduct hearing, held in public, at Nottinghamshire Police Headquarters on Monday, June 11, and Tuesday, June 12.

He admitted to failing to maintain a professional boundary with an alleged vulnerable victim of domestic abuse who he formed a relationship with.

He further admitted to then failing to disclose that relationship to Nottinghamshire Police.

Shuckburgh began the relationship with the woman in 2015 while he investigated allegations of domestic abuse for which she was the complainant.

The hearing was told that between 2015 and 2017 he continued in that relationship without informing the force and whilst continuing to act as the case officer for the still impending prosecution.   

The panel found that Shuckburgh had displayed a lack of integrity in that he compromised his position as the case officer for the criminal investigation and his conduct would undermine public confidence in policing.

The breaches in the standards of professional behaviour were so serious that dismissal was justified.