Fire talks to continue

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to protect the future of services at Worksop Fire Station have been given a stay of execution after plans were stalled by Notts Fire Authority.

Fire chiefs were set to debate staffing issues at Worksop and the removal of a wholetime pump at Retford Station at a Fire Authority (FA) meeting this Friday.

The authority’s chairman Coun Darrell Pulk has asked chief fire officer Frank Swann to present the findings of his Fire Cover Review about frontline services in the county.

But now a working party will be set up a working group to consider the implications of the report and the options available after next year’s budget was cut by £4.9m.

The outcomes of this working group will be presented to a future meeting of the FA, when members will also consider consulting with the public on any recommendations arising from the review.

Coun Pulk said members want to give “careful consideration” to the review’s content and consult the public before deciding how to move forward.

“In the meantime, the Service still faces significant financial problems, as one of the fire and rescue services in the country worst affected by the recent Government grant settlement. The savings identified in the Fire Cover Review will be difficult, if not impossible, to find from other sources,” he said.