Fire crews rescue six people and dog from Worksop flat

Fire crews led six people and a dog to safety after a blaze broke out in a block of Worksop flats on Friday evening (15th February).

Crews were called out to Garside Street around 11pm after a fire broke out in a wheelie bin and spread to the property.

Green watch manager Ian Cooper said the flat occupants were ‘extremely distressed’ when crews arrived on the scene.

“People were standing at the windows and shouting for help. They were very distressed and panicking about not being able to get out,” he said.

Fire crews battled through the smoke-logged stairwell to rescue four people and a dog from the upstairs flats and two people from downstairs.

Paramedics assessed the occupants and gave two people oxygen for smoke inhalation.

Fire crews then ventilated the property while police placed a cordon at the scene to carry out further investigations.

Said Mr Cooper: “We still don’t know whether the cause of the fire was accidental or deliberate and will be carrying out further investigations.”

“Fortunately the block of flats was in a good state, but had there been any rubbish in the stairwell it could have been a different story.”

Mr Cooper said the incident was a timely reminder to dispose of rubbish safely in wheelie bins.

“People must make sure that any materials are fully extinguished before putting them in the bin,” he said.

“It is also important to make sure you put any wheelie bin as far away from your property as possible.”

He added: “And make sure you have you have a smoke alarm in good working order - it could be the difference between life and death.”