Finally seen the light...

THERE’s been more flip flopping going on at Notts County Council this year than on Copacabana beach.

Their latest u-turn has been to reverse the policy of having the streetlights in Blyth and Langold switched off at night.

The move earlier this year caused outrage amongst locals and despite warnings that crime would rise as a result the council ploughed on with the cost-cutting move regardless.

Since the lights went out there has been a massive spike in car crime in both villages and burglaries have also gone up.

The u-turn is a victory for common sense and another massive embarrassment for the county council.

They claim that the latest decision is a result of their ‘flexible approach’ but it was clear to anyone that the scheme was doomed to failure from the start.

The lights may be back on now but that’s scant consolation for those who’ve been burgled and been victims of car crime in those areas while the lights were out.