Father of Worksop convicted double murderer Neil Entwistle publishes book maintaining his son was innocent

Yvonne and Cliff Entwistle
Yvonne and Cliff Entwistle

The father of Worksop convicted double murderer Neil Entwistle has published a book as he maintains that his son is innocent.

Neil was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2008 for the murder of his wife Rachel and their nine-month-old daughter Lillian, who were shot dead in their Boston home in 2006, and is currently serving time in a medium security prison in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

But along with his wife Yvonne, Bassetlaw councillor Cliff has always protested his son’s innocence.

Cliff said: “My son Neil Entwistle was extradited to the USA in 2006 and was found guilty of murdering his wife Rachel and baby daughter Lillian.

“We have always stated that our son is innocent and did not receive a fair trail which this book proves.”

In an exclusive interview with Your Guardian back in 2016 Cliff said Neil was not given a fair trial and ‘key evidence that proves his innocence was swept under the carpet’.

He said: “A book which portrayed Neil as a cold-blooded killer was given the go ahead to be published on the day of the trial.

“Members of the jury would have seen that book everywhere and, of course, they would have been influenced by it. That just goes to show what kind of environment my son was tried in.”

Cliff’s book, Neil’s Story: Trial By Media, has now been published by Austin Macauley.

He said: “It is available both here and in the US and it is getting good reviews on Amazon.”