Family’s anguish after house fire

A WORKSOP dad has spoken of his family’s devastation after fire ripped through his home, killing one of his cats.

Philip Jenkins, 46, of Furnival Street was at a relative’s for Sunday lunch on 27th January when he got the call from a neighbour that the house was ablaze.

“I jumped in my van and sped back home to find about six firemen in the house and black smoke billowing out of the front door,” said Philip, who lives with wife Sandra and seven-year-old daughter Jazmin.

The fire had started in an upstairs study where Philip kept computers and CCTV equipment. He thinks the cause could have been an electrical fault.

“The firemen said one cat, Lexi, darted out of the cat flap when they arrived. Another one, China, seemed fine at first but she died the next day,” said Philip.

“Our other cat, Tiggers, was asleep on a chair in the study and wasn’t woken by the fire or the racket. The firemen thought he was dead. He only woke up when they brought him outside.”

Philip said Jazmin was ‘devastated’ when he told her China had died.

The family are staying in a hotel while A1 Housing repairs the house. “They have been brilliant,” said Philip.