Expert’s air-rifle confiscated in Sutton


An air-rifle was confiscated from a firearms expert in Sutton because he didn’t have the correct certificate, a court has heard.

Christopher Brown, 47, of Limb Crescent, bought the air rifle for £200 from a friend in order to shoot rats on a local farm for fun.

Bill Soughton, defending, said: “Mr Brown didn’t know that this was a weapon that came under the requirements of the 1968 Firearms Act when he bought it.

“He said it didn’t feel particularly powerful but then he was used to shooting shotguns.

“He is a man expert in firearms and has for many years held firearms certificates while living in Lincolnshire. When he split from his ex-wife he surrendered those firearms. He feared his ex-wife would try to cause him trouble in relation to those firearms. And so it proved.

“He mentioned that he had gone out with the air rifle to his ex wife and the next thing the police came knocking on his door and recovered this rifle.”

Mr Brown pleaded guilty to the charge and received a six month conditional discharge at Mansfield Magistrates Court. An order was made for the air rifle to be destroyed.