Enjoy a sensible Christmas

Insp Steve Cartwright  (w121001-3a)
Insp Steve Cartwright (w121001-3a)

As Langold and Blyth are illuminated once more by street lights, we are also starting to think about turning on our own lights - Christmas lights.

It feels like the shops are stocking their shelves with Christmas cheer earlier than ever and we are eager to join them. Or maybe it’s just those with kids, like me, who will be hunting for a tree this weekend.

I’m no Scrooge. I love Christmas, but I would just like to remind you of the pitfalls of this time of year in a bid to prevent any regrettable incidents marring everyone’s fun.

While it’s lovely to arrive home to your Christmas tree in the window, piled high with gifts, it is also very attractive to a thief.

Close your curtains once it’s dark, put your lights on a timer so it looks like someone is in even if you are still at work, and do not leave valuables, including keys and shopping bags, on display in your homes or cars. Most importantly, always lock you doors and do not leave open windows unattended.

Our mobile police station is in Manton this week to offer free property marking to residents. It will then go on to tour North Notts over the next few months.

Christmas parties also seem to be happening earlier and while one too many mince pies will not see you in trouble (except with your waistline) the same does not go for the mulled wine and other Christmas spirits and booze.

Please think before you drink. If you are having a tipple, arrange for a lift home with someone who isn’t, or grab a taxi. Under no circumstances get behind the wheel after drinking. The guidance on how much you can drink before driving is not gospel. Alcohol affects people differently. The best advice I can give is, if you intend to drive, stick to soft drinks.

Don’t let alcohol-fuelled behaviour land you in trouble with the law. You not only risk ruining Christmas for yourself and anyone on the receiving end of your actions, but you could also ruin entire lives, including your own.

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