Elderly woman rescued after her home flooded

Guardian News
Guardian News
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WORKSOP fire crews rescued an elderly woman after her Lindrick Dale home was hit by flooding yesterday morning (Sunday 25th November).

The 82-year-old was taken to Northern General Hospital after she was rescued by crews from her house around 9am.

Green watch manager Ian Cooper said the river levels had risen so high that officers couldn’t get across the bridge to her home.

“The lady is reliant on medical oxygen 24/7 - if the power had gone too it would have been catastrophic,” he said.

Mr Cooper said crews have been working in partnership with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service which has also seen an increase in the number of flooding-related call outs.

“I would urge people that if they see do see flooding to go around the water if possible rather than drive through it,” he said.

“It doesn’t take long for a car to stall in water and is very dangerous. I would also urge people to check the latest Environment Agency updates by calling 0845 988 1188.”