Education gets wild with new classes at wildlife park

School children can learn about conservation of species like the Amur Tiger at Yorkshire Wildlife Park
School children can learn about conservation of species like the Amur Tiger at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

An inspiring spread of educational autumn events is on its way from the award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

The season will be packed with fun activities that bring wildlife conservation to life.

School visits and special workshops come with the opportunity to find out more about nature.

Animal lovers can book a Wild Winter Workshop which provides an exciting way to learn in the midst of some of the most exotic wildlife on the planet.

The workshops which take place in the discovery forest classrooms at the park, include magical animal-themed Christmas stories, crafting gifts and souvenirs and a wintertime trail around the park for the entire class.

Jade Bancroft, education manager, said: “This is a perfect opportunity for school classes to take a trip out to where the lions roar and learn about the animals and the park’s conversation work.”

Sessions cost £1.50 per child with a minimum session cost of £37.50, and a special extra can be added with a visit from Chomp the Christmas meerkat, who will deliver school goody bags directly to the classroom.

The park will also run sessions, fitting with STEM subject studies, for secondary schoolchildren who can learn about how environmental enrichment is linked to various species and learn about the importance of research within animal collections in the scientific research session.

A slice of the park also comes into schools with the bear necessities outreach sessions, featuring a range of interactive games and activities.

They are an ideal way to introduce the topic of sustainability and to start fund-raising campaigns at schools.

There’s even a chance to win a return visit from the park’s polar bear mascot.

A half-day package, including two sessions, is available for £175 and a full-day package with four sessions is £300.

The popular ranger academy course will run during the October half-term giving a perfect start for 15 to 17-year-olds who want to work with animals in the future.

Early birds can make use of amazing offers if they book their educational visit to the park by the end of October and receive one of the park’s popular education sessions for free.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park puts conservation and education at the heart of its work, raising awareness of the plight of many endangered species that have a home at the park.

The park offers an unrivalled opportunity to come almost face to face with some of the world’s most beautiful and at risk species, including Amur tigers and leopards, lions, polar bears, painted hunting dogs, giraffes, camels and more.

For full details of the programme, please contact Jade Bancroft at