EDITOR’S COMMENT: Six year prison sentence handed to Glen Kitchens’ killer is an outrage

Jadon Jackson
Jadon Jackson

In 2016, just three years after he killed Glen Kitchens in Worksop town centre in a mindless act of violence, teenage thug Jadon Jackson will be eligible for parole.

Which means by the time he is 19-years-old Jackson could be a free man again, free to enjoy the rest of his life.

A luxury not afforded to his tragic victim. It is absolutely sickening. It’s an outrage.

It maybe true that this yob didn’t intend to kill that fateful night, but he must surely have been aware of the possible devastating consequences of his violent actions.

Just one punch can kill a person. This wasn’t some freak one-off. This kind of story is frighteningly common.

Only last year, a few miles away in Maltby, father-of-three Robert Hurdley was killed by a single punch.

Police forces up and down the country, including Notts Police, have launched One Punch Can Kill campaigns to raise awareness of the issue.

A jail term of just six years (half that for good behaviour) for violently taking someone’s life is not justice. It is an insult to Glen Kitchens.

It is even more enraging when you take into account that the coward who killed him has shown absolutely no remorse for his actions that night.

Worryingly, Notts Police seem to be satisfied with the sentence handed to Jadon Jones. Such sentences don’t do much to reinforce the message, the deterrent of the One Punch Can Kill campaign.

There seems to be a perception that a six year custodial sentence in a case like this is about the best that can be hoped for in the current judicial system.

If that’s the case, then the law’s an ass.

There can be few offences more serious than taking someone’s life, and it is about time tougher sentences were introduced to reflect this. This would punish those who have committed these crimes, act as a deterrent to others, and be a positive legacy to the memories of Glen Kitchens, Robert Hurdley, and others who have had their lives cut short so needlessly and so tragically.

Now that the trial is over, and Jackson is behind bars where he belongs, I just hope that Glen’s family now finally have some closure.