Editor’s Comment: Questions need answering after latest fire at recycling plant

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Anyone who lives down wind of the recycling plant on Shireoaks Road will be more than a bit peeved following the third major fire there in six months.

I know that if I lived nearby I’d be up in arms and be demanding action.

The latest blaze, which broke out early on Sunday morning, was still smouldering and being tackled by firefighters as the Guardian went to press on Thursday morning.

Questions need answering in regards to safety and security at the plant, and why there have been multiple fires there in such a short space of time.

People living nearby will no doubt have concerns about the potential harmful particles being carried in the smoke that’s been billowing from the facility.

These concerns need addressing, and urgently.

There is also the strain these fires are putting on the local fire service, and how much it is costing to tackle them.

It is clear that the operators of the plant need to make improvements to ensure this week’s fire is the last at the site.

If they can’t make these improvements and give these reassurances then it is time for the authorities to take some stringent action.