Editor’s Comment: People Power really does work

Tesco site on Carlton Road, Worksop  (w120808-3b)
Tesco site on Carlton Road, Worksop (w120808-3b)

It is always refreshing to see a victory for People Power.

This is the case with Tesco’s decision to reopen a public footpath on the site of their proposed new superstore off Carlton Road.

This row has been going on for years, and has been the main stumbling block preventing work on the supermarket starting.

Local residents have campaigned relentlessly for the footpath to be re-opened, and the supermarket giant have relented for now, while they await the Secretary of State for planning’s decision on the re-routing of the path.

Of course, Eric Pickles could yet decide that the path be re-routed, but what the temporary re-opening of it shows is that not even massive companies always get things their own way.

Credit to Tesco for making this decision, but most of the credit should go to those who have campaigned over the matter.

They have demonstrated the true power of democracy and shown that if you feel strongly enough about something you can challenge authority.