Editor’s Comment: People are rightly speaking out against plans for 60mph speed limit on M1

The M1 between junction 27 and 28
The M1 between junction 27 and 28

For the past two weeks my postbag and inbox has been full of correspondence about the proposal to reduce the speed limit on a large stretch of the M1 down to 60mph.

Frankly, I’m not surprised there has been such a strong response from readers to this issue.

The idea is so ridiculous it is verging on the laughable.

Millions of pounds of taxpayers money has been spent widening parts of that section of the M1. Not to mention the disruption this has caused. Indeed, these roadworks are still ongoing.

To reduce the speed limit after all this would be preposterous.

I assume it is the brainchild of some civil servant or think tank down in Whitehall.

Interestingly, they haven’t suggested reducing the speed limit on any of the motorways that skirt the capital.

What we need is faster transport links with the rest of the country, not slower ones.

If this new speed limit comes into force it could seriously damage local businesses.

I am not prone to paranoia, but sometimes I think the London-based political elite treat everyone who lives north of Watford as second class citizens.

The pollution argument is easily batted away. Cars and lorries are more environmentally friendly today than they have ever been, and emissions are improving all the time.

This is how the problem of air quality should be tackled, by giving motor vehicle manufacturers incentives to make their cars, vans, lorries and coaches more green.

I am glad that people are taking a stand and speaking up on this issue.

The other danger is that if this plan is given the go ahead, it could pave the way for the rest of the motorway network to have a 60mph limit.