Editor’s comment: Number of hoax fire 999 calls is scandalous

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It is a worrying enough statistic that false alarms made up half of the incidents Notts firefighters were called out to last year.

But it is nothing short of scandalous that there were more than 100 ‘malicious’, hoax 999 calls made to the fire service over the same period.

What sort of individual is prepared to waste firefighters’ time by calling them out for a joke? Something which puts lives at risk across the county.

Some will say it is just kids messing about and will always happen - but that is hardly an adequate response to the problem.

Clearly, as a nation we need educating that this sort of nuisance behaviour is completely unacceptable and risks lives.

And more also needs to be done to ensure people are aware that simply having a fire alarm in their home is not always enough.

In our report this week, fire chiefs make it clear that the most common reasons for a false alarm are poorly installed smoke alarms, or smoke alarms that are not properly maintained.