Editor’s Comment: Great to see louts being dealt with

Vincent Dyer has been jailed for breaching his ASBO
Vincent Dyer has been jailed for breaching his ASBO

There is some good news and bad news on page 5 of this weeks Guardian.

It is good news for decent, law-abiding people, and bad news for those who don’t play by the rules and make the lives of others a misery.

Anti-social behaviour is a growing problem, not just in Worksop, but in towns and cities up and down the country.

That is why it is always reassuring when the authorities are seen to be taking action against these louts.

This week we have three separate stories of anti-social behaviour being dealt with by the council and police.

People have a right to go about their lives without the risk of being intimidated or harassed by the selfish and inconsiderate behaviour of others.

I have personal experience of having suffered at the hands of a nuisance neighbour, and it is a horrible experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Although it is good to see the authorities taking this kind of action, there is still a lot for them to do, and problems for them to deal with, so they should be no means rest on their laurels.

There is also an onus on ordinary members of the public to report these people and their actions to the police.