Editor’s comment: G4S is taking wrong approach with home for teens

Site of proposed children's home off Stubbing Lane, Worksop
Site of proposed children's home off Stubbing Lane, Worksop

How can it possibly be acceptable for a company to advertise for job positions at a home for at risk kids before it has even been given planning permission?

Bassetlaw Council has received a planning application from G4S for a change of use of a farm on Stubbing Lane into a facility for youngsters between the ages of 10 and 17.

Teens would stay at the home if they are subject to a court order, are in the care of a local authority, if their parents are unwell, if they have experienced family problems or due to foster care breakdown.

Any caring and compassionate society should welcome the opportunity to find a suitable home and environment for these young people.

My concerns about the plans, which I am sure are shared by many local people, revolve around the way the company is going about it.

Very few residents nearby were aware of the plans when we spoke to them this week.

And before it has secured planning permission for the home, we were shocked to discover that G4S is already recruiting for staff in several job roles for the site.

Applications for support worker positions and other roles are currently being accepted on the G4S website.

The company should be speaking to local residents and councillors before presumtuously looking to recruit.

Only by explaining its plans and involving local people in the process will the company secure support from within the community for the plan.

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