Editor’s comment: Closure of traditional town sweet shop is sad news

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There was some sad news for the town this week with the announcement of the closure of traditional sweet shop Edwards Emporium.

I’m sure readers will be as disappointed as I was to hear that owner David Edwards will be forced to close his town centre shop due to a life-limiting heart condition.

David’s condition means he can no longer drive or lift heavy items, and this has led to the closure.

The Bridge Street shop was a wonderful escape from the hectic modern world, crammed with jars of sweets many of us have not seen since our childhoods.

As soon as the story appeared on our website it became one of the most popular stories of the day, with many readers commenting on how much they will miss the shop.

And that is no surprise, as you were always assured of a friendly welcome as well as an amazing selection of sweet treats.

A wonderful old fashioned shop with old fashioned and excellent customer service is how I will remember Edwards Emporium.

I’m sure it will be the same for many Guardian readers.

There seems to be no end to the saga of the speed limit change on Farmers Branch in Worksop.

Dozens of people contacted the Guardian after being caught out by speed cameras when the speed limit was reduced late last year.

Now MP John Mann has received a response to a Freedom of Information request revealing there were zero accidents in the past three years.

Mr Mann’s conclusion that the move is simply a ‘money making’ exercise is difficult to disagree with, despite the council’s denials.

Speed cameras should be placed in order to reduce accidents and save lives - not to make money.