Editor’s Comment: Bizarre decision to fly Scottish flag over Worksop

Scottish flag
Scottish flag

People in Scotland will go to the polls next week to vote on whether or not they want Independence from the rest of the UK.

Although the referendum is taking place north of the border, it would be naive to think the result won’t have major ramifications for those of us living south of the border.

That said, Bassetlaw Council’s decision to fly the Scottish flag above Worksop this week, is frankly bizarre.

It also smacks of desperation.

Why the council feel the need to get involved in the Scottish referendum, I have no idea.

Will the fact the Saltire is flying proudly over Worksop have influence on voters in Scotland? Of course it won’t.

The response to this decision has been met with overwhelming opposition

in Worksop. Dozens of local people have taken to the Worksop Guardian’s Facebook page to voice their anger, ridicule, and confusion.

I agree with the many who have said that the best way to show support for the Union is to fly the Union flag.

This is a classic example of Bassetlaw Council misjudging public opinion.