East Markham: School is delighted to be Good for Ofsted

Head teacher Jeremy Bingham and pupils celebrate East Markham's fine Ofsted result
Head teacher Jeremy Bingham and pupils celebrate East Markham's fine Ofsted result

East Markham Primary School near Retford have announced they have retained their Good rating following their latest Ofsted inspection.

Government inspectors visited the school at the end of February and were suitably impressed enough to award it a Good rating for the second year running.

And head teacher Jeremy Bingham believes that, very few schools being awarded the top mark of Outstanding in recent years, East Markham’s rating represents the top level currently attainable for the vast majority of schools.

“The staff, parents, governors and children are delighted that, following the recent Ofsted inspection, the inspectors agreed with what we already knew, which is that East Markham Primary School is a good school,” he said.

“Under the current Ofsted framework, Good appears to be the new Outstanding.”

“Very few schools are achieving that grade.”

“Furthermore, many schools who achieved Good at their last inspection are now struggling to maintain this.

But we did and East Markham is delighted to maintain its Goodstatus for the second inspection in a row.”

The Ofstesd inspectors looked at all aspects of the school and made several favourable comments, in particular that leaders constantly work to improve achievement, and attainment is above average.

The report also said that pupils feel safe and show good behaviour and they liked the way subjects were organised and the range of out-of-hours activities to motivate pupils.

“The inspection found that in all key areas, the school’s provision was good,” continued Mr Bingham.

“We are all delighted and I would like to thank the hard work of the staff, pupils, parents, Governors and our volunteers, without whom this fantastic achievement would not have been possible.