Don’t play with fire

Insp Steve Cartwright - Worksop Police.
Insp Steve Cartwright - Worksop Police.

This week I would like to talk rubbish, but that doesn’t mean you should tune out.

What I have to say is of vital importance in terms of public safety and crime prevention.

We have seen a number of incidents of bin fires of late, specifically the malicious ignition of industrial waste bins in the town centre.

Rubbish burns extremely quickly and fires in industrial waste bins can spread very rapidly, putting people and neighbouring property at serious risk. This includes risk to those who start them. Playing with fire is never a good idea. As the old adage goes, you will get burned.

We are taking a multi-agency approach to the problem, working closely with the fire service and the district council.

I would like to appeal to the business community to ensure bin lids are kept closed at all times and purchase commercial locks.

Ensure bins are emptied regularly. Put them out for collection as late as possible and bring them back in as soon as they have been emptied. 

Where possible store bins away from buildings and vehicles, preferably out of sight and chained up so they cannot be moved.

Bin fires are not only a nuisance, disruptive and a hazard to the community, the fumes they can emit are toxic to the environment.

Burnt out bins are also extremely unsightly and not an image we want to have associated with Bassetlaw.

Now that Spring has officially sprung and with the clocks due to go forward at the weekend we will all start to dust off our T-shirts and shorts.

The lighter nights and improving weather leads to children once again venturing outside to play. I would like to remind parents to ensure your children are aware of water safety.

The sun may be shining, but at this time of year the temperatures are still quite low, and they are even lower in rivers, streams, lakes and ponds.

As tempting as the water may look, freezing temperatures, not to mention the hidden currents, can soon overcome even the strongest of swimmers.

If your children are showing an interest in the water, why not contact Notts County Council or your local leisure centre for swimming lesson schedules or to find out what supervised water sports are on offer in the area.