Don’t become a victim of car crime

Inspector Phil Davies
Inspector Phil Davies

What’s the most valuable thing you own? I’m guessing your car would be quite high up the list so I’d like to tell you some reasons why you should keep it locked and stop yourself being targeted by thieves.

Our new car, which will be at Bassetlaw Hospital this week, demonstrates the temptations you may be leaving on show for thieves. You may not think that a few pence could lead to your window being smashed, but it could.

The car has been wrapped in a unique design to raise people’s awareness about the crime, which more than 4,000 people fell victim to last year. We want to stop that happening.

Did you know that thieves could be tempted to break into your car by a coat left on the back seat, a bit of loose change, or a lunch box in the footwell?

I would like to stress that while there has been no major increase in theft from cars in recent months the problem still very much needs our attention. We need your help to fight this type of crime by not leaving your belongings on show and locking your cars.

We will be patrolling key areas and highlighting to car owners how they could better protect their belongings. It may come as a surprise to you that even as little as 30p left in your car can lead thieves to break in. That 30p could ruin your plans for the day and cause a lot of hassle and money to get your car fixed.

Taking the time to shut the windows and sun roof and lock the doors can make all the difference. Also, never leave your car keys in your car- You should treat them the same as you would your cash and credit cards. When leaving your vehicle, take out the removable radio. I also advise removing the important documents about your car in the glove compartment. But perhaps most importantly, you should never leave items on display in your car, because even leaving the simplest of items in your car could alter your life and leave you wishing you had taken just a few minutes to check what was left in your car.