Doctor and patient had sex at surgery

Creswell Medical Centre
Creswell Medical Centre

A family doctor has been found guilty of serious misconduct at a medical tribunal after it emerged he had sex with a female patient at his Creswell surgery while other consultations took place in adjoining rooms.

Dr Maurice Ripley was also found guilty of sending threatening texts and emails after the affair ended.

Dr Ripley began the affair with the woman after she came to see him at the Creswell Medical Centre.

Ripley flirted with her during consultations and sent her saucy texts.

At least once, they had sex at the surgery, during surgery hours and he even paid for her to have a breast implants.

The woman ended the affair in March 2010, but Ripley continued to message her.

Then in early 2012, Ripley texted the woman saying he had received a letter asking for £15,000, which he assumed was a blackmail threat.

Ripley said he thought it had been sent by her ‘crack-head boyfriend’, referring to her estranged husband, who he knew was schizophrenic.

Ripley also allegedly claimed he had paid for somebody to kill her husband.

Another said the woman would ‘pay whether I’m dead or alive’, while another threatened to rip out her breast implants.

Ripley was arrested and accepted a caution for harassment, but said he had no intention of carrying out the threats

In the wake of the guilty verdict, Ripley faces being struck off the medical register.